Parish History


On April 3, 2008, Bishop Joseph A. Galante announced his intentions for parish reconfigurations throughout the Diocese of Camden. Included in the reconfiguration, St. Pius X and Holy Rosary Parishes were to merge and become one new parish. In August 2008 Bishop Galante appointed the Reverend George C. Seiter as Convener of the formation of the new parish. Representatives from St. Pius X and Holy Rosary Parishes were gathered together to form a Core Team who assisted Fr. Seiter in the work of readying both parishes to merge. The Core Team members consisted of four parishioners from each parish: Joe Brennan, Patricia Chase-Chung, Beverly Emerson, Pat Kalata, Nancy McLaughlin, Tony Messina, Mary Beth Smith and Ted Warren. Their work began November 2008 and finalized November 2009.


Naming our new parish:

February/March 2009: nomination forms to name the new parish were placed in St. Pius X and Holy Rosary parish bulletins as well as on the parish websites. The nominations were processed, narrowed down and re-submitted to parishioners to vote for three final names. These names as voted by the parishioners were then put forward to the bishop who in turn made the final decision in choosing the name. In June 2009 Bishop Joseph Galante selected Holy Eucharist Parish as the name for the new parish.


Decree issued and becomes effective:

November 20, 2009: Bishop Joseph Galante issued the Decree for the merger of St. Pius X and Holy Rosary and the establishment of Holy Eucharist Parish


December 23, 2009:

Decree becomes effective and the Reverend George C. Seiter is named Pastor of Holy Eucharist Parish. On this date both parishes were civilly consolidated under the laws of the State of New Jersey as Holy Eucharist Parish and on that date the parishes of St. Pius X and Holy Rosary ceased to exist and our new parish came to life.


Merger of St. Pius X and Holy Rosary Parishes:

January 10, 2010: official ceremonies began for the "leave-taking" of St. Pius X and Holy Rosary Parishes. Ceremonies took place at 9:00 am at Holy Rosary Parish and 11:00 am at St. Pius X.


First Mass:

January 17, 2010: our official opening celebration for Holy Eucharist Parish took place. At that Mass there was a symbolic joining of the spiritual lives of former parish families from St. Pius X and Holy Rosary.


Installation of First Pastor:

February 28, 2010: Bishop Joseph Galante installed Reverend George C. Seiter as pastor of Holy Eucharist Parish.


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